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Specially designed to store high-tech treatments, this elegant Beautigloo mini-fridge fits perfectly into a bathroom or other living space. It allows you to maintain the effectiveness of the NADO+COMPLEX® formulation and enhances the sensory experience when applying the treatment.

Cooled, the textures glide over your skin like an ice cube, instantly present, for ultimate comfort. With no polluting refrigerants, LADIÈRE's Beauty Fridge is as environmentally friendly as our skincare rituals.

Dimensions Closed box : H 23 x W 22 x D 23.5 cm

Dimensions Open box : H 45 x W 22 x D 23.5 cm

Useful volume : 5 L Net weight : < 4. 0 kg Cooling technology : Peltier effect (no polluting refrigerants)

Thermal system patented by Beautigloo

Temperature : Adjustable between 8 and 14°C |

Display °C/°F Features : Touch screen, day/night mode, time display, integrated interior light and lock

Power supply : 100-240V | USB Type-C cable

Accessories included : 2 removable shelves Warranty : 2 years

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