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Prevent aging and treat the signs of aging

With a sensory, soothing and invigorating experience

Stress, pollution and temperature changes are just a few examples of environmental damages suffered by the skin, which cause early-aging of the skin.

Finding the right anti-aging product for your skin is often difficult. That's why we have developed a unique experience of 3 premium anti-aging treatments to help your skin regain its original health.

Beyond the benefits on skin health, our Ladière experience has been designed and formulated as a sensory experience, both soothing and invigorating, where effectiveness and pleasure are one.

A three-step experience

The Ladière experience has been designed in 3 complementary steps to treat the visible signs of aging on the face and neckline that allow your skin to regain its full health.

Each formulation incorporates the NADO+COMPLEX®, our unique and revolutionary technology based on NMN - derived from vitamin B3 - as well as natural active ingredients selected for each specific need, by zone.

Together, the treatments in our Ladière experience activate the cellular regeneration process for healthy skin, with fewer lines and wrinkles. The application of our treatments is also recommended to prevent the first signs of aging.

A full protocol

Morning and evening

Our Ladière experience can be applied morning and evening. When you wake up in the morning, the skin care products ensure firmness and radiance throughout the day. At night, the NADO+COMPLEX® helps the skin regenerate and maintain its moisture level.

Fresh and active from day one, our products reveal their full effectiveness with regular daily use. Day after day, the results of the NADO+COMPLEX® are increasingly visible. The degenerating cells disappear and the stem cells, responsible for the daily regeneration of the epidermal layers, are boosted.

A unique sensorial experience

The choice of natural olfactory components provides a relaxing fragrance. The fresh, soft and light textures provide an invigorating sensation.

Taking care of your skin with our Ladière experience, daily, morning and night, becomes a pure moment of well-being, similar to the one experienced in a beauty institute or a high-end spa.

These benefits are confirmed by our users (1):
95% appreciated the scent of the range
90% attested to the rapid absorption of the treatments
90% approved the texture of the range (1) User test panel, self-evaluation, % satisfaction

The cold, an integral part of the experience

The preservation of our Ladière skin care products at less than ten degrees maintains the effectiveness of our formulations and reinforces the sensory aspect of the unique experience, where the cold decongests the eye contour area and naturally lifts the facial skin while soothing redness, right from the first use.